All On 4 Plus®

All On 4 Plus®

All On 4 dental implants is a non-removable full arch teeth replacement solution, featured by the use of only four fixtures for support.

Smile Makeover With All On 4 Dental Implants... today’s Best Alternative To Dentures Or Deteriorated Teeth

All On 4 plus® treatment is a non-removable full-arch teeth replacement solution, featured by the use of only four fixtures for support. This technique can be used to permanently replace both upper and lower teeth, with results that are comparable to the look, feel, and function of beautiful natural teeth, and in as little as 1 to 3 days.

With All On 4 plus®, the technique involves inserting the two front fixtures straight in the front of the jaw, while the two back implants are inserted at a 45° tilt to provide the required stability and support for immediate fixed replacement teeth. The titling of the back implants also helps overcome bone deficiencies often found in the back of the jaws thereby improving safety and reliability, as well as in most cases avoiding the need for bone grafting.

Another feature of All On Four Plus® treatment at Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry is the aesthetic gum replacement that is made possible with an alveolectomy procedure, the reshaping of the bone in preparation for the installation of the implants, which not only creates the required space for the gum replacement, but also creates a flatter interface under the bridge which is simpler to keep clean over time.

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All On 4 Plus®

All-On-4 Zirconia Porcelain Teeth

Get Your New Teeth In Just 1-2 Days.

All On 4 Plus® is an indication-based approach taking into account various complexities and oral conditions that are individual to each patient and turning them into a set of immediate and definitive replacement teeth using a seemingly uncomplicated process.

The term ‘ALL-ON-4 Plus®’ refers to the replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants which support them. The back implants are intentionally tilted in order to provide adequate support using less implants.

Innovation that creates realistic smiles.

All On 4 Plus® Immediate Final Teeth™ system have a custom-milled titanium frame with a microscopic precision fit offering superior strength and durability, and the teeth are finished to the highest standard.

Other than looking amazing within 24 hours, the finished smooth interface dramatically improves the healing of the gums and prevents shrinkage.

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Discover the Benefits of All On 4 Plus® Dental Implants

Join us for an informative online webinar about the All On 4 Plus® Dental Implant system. Presented by Dr Alex Fibishenko, this webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about this treatment and determine if it is right for you. 

During the webinar, Dr Fibishenko will provide detailed information about how All On 4 Plus® works, the benefits of the treatment, and the alternative options available. He will also discuss the cost of the procedure and any available rebates. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about the treatment.

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