Payment Plans



Interest Free Dental Payment Plans for All Your General, Cosmetic and Specialist Dental Needs

In order to be approved by Denticare for the finance, you need to meet their criteria Patients applying for the finance must:

  • Be an Australian citizen permanently residing in Australia
  • Be gainfully employed to honor agreed repayment amounts every week/fortnight/month
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Patients must not be subject to bankruptcy or debt agreements
  • Patients must pay 20% of the full treatment plan amount upfront to the dental clinic. The remaining 80% of the treatment plan amount will be financed by Denticare.
  • To apply for the finance through Denticare, you will first need to be consulted by one of our dentists in order to determine your total treatment fees, and therefore how much you will need to finance. The dental clinic staff also need to partially complete your application form for you and send it to Denticare for approval.