Payment Plans




What is Plan-Zero secured finance?

PlanZERO® is a repayments program to help patients fund dental treatment at member clinics. A contract is drawn between the patient and the specific member clinic, and it is secured by a residential property to guarantee the repayments. Unlike financial institutions, there is no interest whatsoever, and as it is administered directly by the clinic there is more flexibility for the repayments.

PlanZERO® is great for patients who can afford repayments but would like to minimise the immediate impact of dental treatment on their financial position. It may also be considered by those who need top and bottom dental implants but cannot afford doing both. With PlanZERO patients have been able to get their entire treatment done in the one go, which often improves the overall outcome and avoids the compromises and protracted treatments of addressing one issue at a time.

What amount can I borrow on a PlanZERO® Repayment Plan?

You can put as much as 50% of the value of your dental treatment only on the repayment plan, excluding the cost of the anaesthetic (if done under a General Anaesthetic).

I don’t own a residential property, can I use PlanZERO®?

The quick answer is no, the repayment plan must be secured by residential property. However, the property does not have to be specified in the patient’s name. It is not uncommon to have a trusted partner or close relative who does own a property and who is happy to use their property as security. There are two simple documents, the security document (signed by all owners of the property who appear on the title) and the repayments document (signed by the patient).

What happens to the security property once the documents are signed?

Once all the forms are signed, the member clinic will lodge a charge against the property which will remain until the amount owing is fully repaid. Once the debt is repaid the charge will be removed. While there is a charge on the property, it cannot be sold without consent from the clinic, unless the debt is repaid and the charge is removed.

Where do I start?

Before you apply you will need to have access to the documents below in a scanned or digital version. You can upload these documents online or drop them into the clinic: