Gum Lift

Boost your confidence and smile with gum lifts. Find out how gum lifts improve your oral health and cut down your chances for gum disease in a single visit.

Gum Lift For Balanced Smile Aesthetics

The health and appearance of the gums play important roles in the general aesthetics of a smile. Whether in combination with other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, or on its own, a ‘gum lift’ can produce a remarkable, and often unexpected, improvement of a smile.

‘Gum lift’ is a simple surgical procedure whereby the gums are lifted to improve not only their appearance, but also the size, shape and emerging appearance of the teeth. A nice smile is not only about having beautiful teeth. The choreography of the gingival tissue (gums) is just as important.

The procedure is performed in one visit and healing is usually quick and uneventful. Maturity of the gums to their final position takes approximately 12 weeks.

Gum lift dramatically improves ‘gummy smiles’. More commonly, however, it may only be required for one or two teeth to create harmony and symmetry.

Is gum lift surgery suitable for me?

Having a “gummy” look where a lot of your gum is exposed when you smile can make you self-conscious. Or, you may have an asymmetrical gum line that you want balanced out. Your gummy smile could be the result of your gums failing to recede after you got your permanent teeth. Or, it may appear because your upper lip is short, exposing more gum tissue.

As well as affecting your smile, excess gum tissue can harbour plaque and bacteria, which can lead to gum disease. So this is another great reason to consider gum lift surgery. A gum lift procedure, also known as crown lengthening, laser gum contouring and gingivectomy, lifts and shapes the gum line, changing the look of your smile and boosting your confidence.

Before & Afters

What should I expect after my gum lift procedure?

It’s likely that your gums will feel swollen and tender for a few days after your gum lift procedure. It’s best to eat soft food during the initial healing process. Avoid spicy foods that may irritate your gums and anything that might get stuck in your teeth.

Take care to keep your mouth clean and use over-the-counter painkillers if you need a helping hand. Your healing should be complete within 12 weeks. You will notice that your gum lift before and after pictures show a noticeable change to your smile. It’s also good to know that the results of your gum lift surgery are permanent.

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