What's the difference between General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

What's the difference between General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry?

With so many dental treatment options available today, it can be confusing to try and find the right solution for your dental needs. We have put this article together to help you understand the differences between the various types of dental treatments so you can make an informed choice.

What is General Dentistry?

General Dentistry is something that everyone needs throughout their lives. From regular dental check-ups and cleanings through to common procedures like fillings, general dentistry is all about the health of your teeth and gums. It also covers more complicated procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction, which not everyone will need, but might be necessary for your dental health at some point in your life.

General Dentistry procedures are usually carried out by your family dentist, who are highly trained and experienced individuals that specialise in all aspects of tooth and gum care in patients of all ages. They are are mainly focused on preventative and restorative procedures for any sort of dental problems that you experience. Family dentists often treat multiple members of the same family and get to know their patients well.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry is something you choose rather than something you need. Cosmetic dental procedures are those that improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile. They can include:

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Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as more people are becoming aware of the options available for creating more attractive smiles.

Cosmetic dental procedures should be carried out by a highly experienced dentist who specialises in cosmetic work. However, they should have done their training in general dentistry before undertaking further training in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth and gums have to be extremely healthy for cosmetic procedures to have maximum success rates, so your cosmetic dentist should be able to take care of both aspects of your dental care.

Can any Dental Procedure be General and Cosmetic?

In some cases, a procedure might be needed for general dental health but also has the added benefit of improving the appearance of your smile. Some examples of this can be dental implants, which are often used for patients who have lost a tooth/teeth, and gum lifts ; which can be used to improve gum health but also create a more even looking smile.

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Now you know the differences between general and cosmetic dentistry, it will hopefully make it easier for you to identify your needs. If you are based in Melbourne and would like to know more information about the wide range of dental treatments available at our modern, comfortable practice, please contact us at (03) 8845 5400 or fill out our contact form. Our team are happy to assist you.