Reasons why you should go to your dentist for cosmetic injectables

Thursday 09, 2021 by Madeleine Colomb
Many dentists offer cosmetic injectables that work with dental procedures to brighten your smile. Here's why your dentist should be your clear choice for fillers and injectables.

Dentists have a lot of experience in Facial Injections

Dentists are actually highly qualified at administering injections and give some for many routine dental procedures. At Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry (CAID), we use facial injections of local anaesthetic during treatments like wisdom teeth removal. That means we’re very experienced in delivering effective and safe injections.

Your dentist knows your face and understands facial anatomy

Your dentist has a lot of experience studying facial anatomy and is comfortable with your face's muscles, bones and nerves. We're familiar with the proportions of your face, which makes us the best place to achieve a balanced, natural result that works with your unique features.

More than that, your dentist knows your face specifically. Most people have seen the same dentist once or twice a year for many years. This means getting your injectables from someone who has seen your face and smile before knows what would suit you.

Dentists are health professionals and can ensure a sterile and safe environment

Besides having an eye for detail and a steady hand, dentists are health professionals. Getting your cosmetic injectables at your dentist means that you will be in a safe environment that's been clinically sterilised for every patient. That greatly reduces the risk of complications or infections during the procedure.

Dentists are a safe and sterile environment for cosmetic procedures

You can combine your treatment with a cosmetic dental treatment

You can have one dental professional performing all of your cosmetic procedures at once. Your dentist can give you not only your injectables but any other dental treatment that you require/would like to have. You can view all of our aesthetic treatments that were offer here.

If you have been thinking about cosmetic injectables, don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about aesthetic injections and fillers. You can fill out an enquiry form online or call us at 03 8845 5400.

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