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    Old crowns replaced with Porcelain Crowns

Old crowns replaced with Porcelain Crowns



This lady had a long history of dental treatment with numerous caps done over the years. She also lost numerous back teeth over that time and was wearing a lower partial denture.

She was unhappy with the lower denture because of the metal clasps and the constant looseness she was experiencing as well as functional difficulties. She wanted some sort of make-over to get rid of her denture and improve her smile.

In the lower the existing caps were ‘leaking’, which is a term used to describe when decay affects the root of the tooth at the margins and spreads under the crowns. We were unable to save the lower teeth and treated the lower with an implant-supported bridge.

In the upper we used porcelain crowns to improve the appearance, contours and alignment of the teeth, and where she had missing teeth in the back we used dental bridges to close the gaps.

Being able to achieve an aesthetic outcome with any dental treatment is a product of the diagnostic steps that we take, treatment planning in combination with our onsite laboratory, and our quality standards.

Treatment Process

The upper teeth show old leaking crowns and recession exposing the roots. In the lower there is a partial denture.

Porcelain Crowns in correct the crowding and restore aesthetics, done along with lower rehabilitation with dental implants.


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