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    Gummy Smile treated with Gum Lift and Porcelain Veneers

Gummy Smile treated with Gum Lift and Porcelain Veneers



Excessive gum display can cause people to feel embarrassed to smile, such was the case in this young lady. Here the problem was an over-development of the maxillary jawbone, which caused a gummy smile and the teeth appearing too long.

In certain situations it is possible to provide improvement with braces and orthognathic (jaw-correcting) surgery. However in this case the patient declined this course of treatment and wanted a quicker makeover. This was achieved with a gum lift procedure, followed by porcelain veneers to the upper front 6 teeth.

This young patient didn’t like the uneven and excessive gum display that she had on smiling. The teeth appear as though they are hanging down unevenly.

After the gum lift procedure, the gum-line is more symmetrical and less excessive.To achieve the correct proportions, the teeth had to be shortened and were fitted with porcelain veneers


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