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    Cycle of Failed Dental Treatment Stopped with Upper & Lower All-On-4

Cycle of Failed Dental Treatment Stopped with Upper & Lower All-On-4



Dental problems can often be attributable to genetics, like susceptibility to gum disease, tooth decay, and poor jaw alignment. They can also start from trauma like losing a single tooth, and a cycle of dental treatment that may follow if not planned adequately from the onset.

The person pictured here is a successful businessman and looked after his teeth all his life. Whilst he had some genetic predisposition to tooth loss his dental issues started when he lost a front tooth from a knock.

What followed was years of dental treatment including root canal treatments, gum treatments, fillings and crowns. Whilst each dental issue he had was attended to individually, the underlying problem was a dysfunctional bite that was never corrected, and which led indirectly to further deterioration of his teeth.

He attended the dentist regularly but was never happy with the appearance of his teeth. He resorted to accepting that perhaps he was stuck with what he had been unaware of the possibilities with more definitive treatment planning and dental implants.

The last time he saw his dentist he was told that he needed more treatment, but he was over it and told his dentist that he wanted to have all his teeth out and get dentures like some members of his family. But his dentist was also a close friend and was aware of the limitations of dentures. He became aware of the All-On-4 procedure and referred this gentleman to our clinic.

We treated him in early 2010 with Upper All-On-4 Plus and Lower All-On-4, and within days he was able to smile and function, and bite into an apple, – something inconceivable to him prior.

We continue to see him at our clinic for regular maintenance and at his 4 year review, there was nothing else necessary apart from simple professional cleans. His cycle of failed dental treatments came to a halt. He says that he is not aware of his implants, and the only time he is reminded is when he looks in the mirror and sees the improvement.

Circumstances are different from patient to patient, and in many cases, it is possible to achieve a definitive solution in more conservative ways, but the main advantage of All-On-4 dental implants is the ‘canvas’ that allows us the flexibility to change the bite and design the best possible aesthetics.

Every one of our treatments is individual and depends on many factors. As such results and experiences may vary from patient to patient, but to date, we are proud of having had many hundreds of similar success stories.


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