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    Correction of a Severe Overbite with All-On-4-Plus Dental Implants

Correction of a Severe Overbite with All-On-4-Plus Dental Implants



At 61 years of age this gentleman never new what it feels like to have a good bite and nice teeth. He had a severe malocclusion due to a genetic discrepancy in the size and alignment of the jaws, crowding of the teeth, and a deep bite. He did not like to smile and was unable to eat many types of food.

Cases like this could have been treated with orthodontic treatment (braces) and orthognathic jaw-correcting surgery at a younger age. By the time he came to see us this treatment was no longer feasible due to the number of teeth that he had lost in large part due to the underlying factor of his malocclusion.

We treated him using All-On-4-Plus Dental Implants in the upper and All On Four in the lower. This gave us a ‘new canvas’ with improved artistic and technical freedom to design the new teeth to a more ideal bite and aesthetic balance.

One of the concerns that we had with this treatment was the rapid change in his bite and alignment of the teeth and how this could affect this gentleman who was used to a certain shape of his mouth and his bite all his life. We informed him that it may take a long time to get used to his new teeth. But when interviewed one year later and asked whether it took him long to get used to the new bite he stated ‘there was nothing really to get used to because the improvement was immediate’.

It is important to emphasise that every situation is different, and both results and experiences may vary from patient to patient. What we do at our clinic is aim to achieve, albeit over a short timeframe, the most optimal individualised result and a long term solution.

Treatment Process

Before the operation, we undertake a complete work-up to determine the required corrections and to plan for the most optimal positioning of the implants. Half of the stone models of each arch were cut back and teeth were set in red wax retaining a reference to the old set allowing the surgeon to visualise the extremity of the planned change in position of the teeth.

This patient had a complete overbite. When biting together the lower teeth bite into the gums behind the upper teeth causing discomfort and inability to chew properly.

Due to the overbite and the lower front teeth not actually meeting opposing teeth in occlusion, those teeth have supra-erupted causing a severe wave in the bite. The upper back teeth have also done the same because of the missing back teeth in the lower against which to bite.

With All-On-4-Plus dental implants treatment we were able to improve the appearance, but more importantly to correct the bite and arch form.


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