Healthcare Continuity Program

We continue to service existing and new patients at selected clinics to lessen the burden on public health system while taking extraordinary measures to protect each other and the community.

All emergency treatments including management of

  • dental pain
  • damaged upper front teeth
  • mouth sores/ulcers

Non-emergency treatments are limited to

  • consultations for necessary treatment
  • 3-D x-ray services
  • management of patients whose oral condition is poor and at risk of rapid progression without treatment
  • treatment planning and quotations

Due to current restrictions all routine recall examinations and dental treatments that do not fit in the above categories will be deferred.

Online Consultation Services, Seminars and Q&A

Our team is ready to answer your questions in relation to CAID and Dental Implants Treatments using our dedicated online platform:

  • FREE online consultation with an CAID Team member
  • FREE online group webinars with an CAID dental implants surgeon
  • $45 one-on-one online video consultation with a dentist (using image uploader)

Discounted Packages for Deferred Treatment

All patients that we consult (in person or online) will be eligible for a substantial discount and/or special extended payment terms once we are back to normal operations.