Long Term Implant Bridge with Titanium & Zirconia

The final bridge is generally fitted within 24 months of your immediate replacement teeth. Traditional methods of constructing the final implant bridge involved the use of a cast gold substructure to support the teeth. Today’s technology allows the use of zirconia or titanium substructures instead. These materials are more biocompatible and are precision milled, leading to superior adaptation over the implants and improved tissue health.

Titanium substructures may be used to support acrylic teeth (standard) or zirconia-ceramic teeth (premium) whereas the Zirconia substructure is designed especially for direct layering of ceramic teeth for improved light transmission and natural aesthetics (above left).

Zirconia-ceramic teeth are the premium choice for aesthetics and comfort, whether on titanium or zirconia substructures. Each tooth is individually created in porcelain by a master ceramist. Whilst more expensive, the lifespan of zirconia-ceramic replacement teeth can be expected to be in excess of 12-15 years, compared to 5-8 years with acrylic.