Fractured Incisor Tooth Replaced with an Immediate Dental Implant




Doctor’s Comments

Fracture of a tooth can occur for a number of reasons, but the main one is trauma. In this patient the left upper central incisor fractured due to a knock to the teeth. But the tooth was already fragile due to prior root canal work.

Our implantologist removed the fractured tooth and replaced it with an immediate dental implant.

This case is typical of the immediacy that is offered at our clinic due to having special facilities including an on-site dental laboratory.

Step one – The tooth root is removed and a dental implant is inserted in its place (second picture in the sequence)

Step two – An immediate crown is fabricated at our laboratory and inserted over a titanium abutment that is tightened to the implant (third and fourth pictures in the sequence)

Step three – after 12 weeks of healing the temporary tooth is removed, showing the abutment over which it was fitted (5th picture in the sequence), and it is then replaced with a permanent porcelain crown that is highly aesthetic and durable.

In this case the patient also wanted to improve the appearance of the adjacent teeth, and this was achieved with an additional porcelain crown over the natural right central incisor tooth, and minor cosmetic repairs to the lateral incisors with a composite material.

This picture shows a close-up of the fractured left central incisor and the inside of the tooth is dark due to prior root canal work.

After removal of the tooth, the bony socket is prepared and a titanium implant is inserted immediately after extraction.

A provisional crown is made to fit over a titanium abutment that is tightened to the implant.

The provisional crown is shaped to look like the lost natural tooth, and serves as temporary replacement during healing of the implant.

After 12 weeks of healing the provisional crown is removed to show the abutment over which it was fitted.

The final result showing an implant-supported porcelain crown on the left central incisor and a porcelain crown on a natural right central incisor tooth.