Fixed Implant Dentures

Fixed Replacement Teeth with Dental Implants. The Difference is Confidence and Reliability.

Say goodbye to traditional dentures when you get a smile makeover with a permanent fixed bridge anchored to implant fixtures.

The Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry is a leading institution with an international reputation for our All On 4 Plus treatment concept and immediate teeth replacement with Dental Implants in Melbourne. Our process for a true smile makeover is streamlined through an all-encompassing facility with an experienced team of implantologists, specialist anaesthetists, cosmetic dentists, oral health therapists and laboratory technicians.

Permanent Fixed Bridge

In as little as 1-3 days immediate dental implants can be used to replace a full set of teeth. They are permanent, stable and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, they are made to look, feel and function just as if they were your own.

It’s no wonder that an implant-supported fixed bridge is the preferred choice for people requiring full set replacement teeth.

Life Before Implants

Before the advent of titanium fixtures, there was no fixed solution available for people who have lost all their teeth. While dentures offer the most economical solution for their replacement, they have several disadvantages that make them less than desirable in the long term.

Disadvantages of traditional dentures

  • Must be removed to keep clean as food can get stuck underneath the dentures.
  • Dentures can move or slip while eating and speaking, causing embarrassment.
  • Messy adhesives may be required to keep dentures in place.
  • Cheap or improper fitting dentures may be uncomfortable and painful.
  • Can limit the type of foods you can eat and affect the taste.
  • Changes to the facial tone due to bone atrophy, and changes in gum tissue.

Traditional ‘falsies’ are not always reliable and they can also affect your speech; they require time to adjust, but even with time, the bone atrophy continues and the cycle of problems may often worsen.

Full Arch Teeth Replacement With Four Implants

With advances in modern fixture design and refined surgical techniques; patients now also have the option of ‘All on 4 Dental Implants‘ fixed rehabilitation procedure. That is ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants, and at our Melbourne clinic may be done in as little as two days, whilst still achieving our highest standard in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Being supported by as little as 4 fixtures, the replacement set is not only reliable, but also simpler to keep clean and maintain over time compared to older methods, making it our most popular permanent and cost effective alternative to dentures.

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Key Benefits of Fixed Implant Bridge

A fixed bridge is an attractive solution for denture wearers and those with deteriorated teeth and who dread the thought of having to wear a loose plate. It may offer the following benefits:download

  • Improved appearance
  • Eat what you want
  • Taste your food
  • Improved comfort and speech
  • Enchanced self-esteem
  • Smile with an improved sense of confidence
  • Help reduce atrophy of the jawbone
  • Long term results

Course of treatment

A typical implantation procedure for full set teeth replacement normally involves four to six visits to the dentist. The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. Your dentist will advise you on the best dental solution for you, given your specific condition and individual needs.



Initial Consultation

Your cosmetic dentist and implantologist will perform an oral examination to assess your suitability, discuss treatment alternatives and determine the best solution based on your individual needs and expectations. Appointment Duration: 30-60 minutes.



An OPG and CAT scans are required to determine fixture positions in full arch rehabilitation. If you’re suitable for keyhole-guided surgery, a special stent will be made to wear during your scan. We have x-ray facilities on site so we can provide you with an instant diagnosis and treatment plan.



Once you decide to proceed, photos and models are used to plan the optimal set-up of the replacement set for aesthetics and function. Surgical stents are then fabricated to guide the fixture placement according to the work-up.



DAY 1: Fixtures

Alveolectomy is performed to reshape the jawbone in preparation for the Fixtures. Suitable titanium fixtures are then put into place. The wounds are closed with dissolvable sutures and impressions of the fixtures are taken for the next stage. This procedure is most commonly performed under General Anesthetic in one of our dedicated theatres, but can also be performed under Local Anaesthetic depending on your preference. Appointment Duration: 2-3 hours.


DAY 2: Try-in

Teeth are set in wax and tried in your mouth within 4 to 24 hours after surgery. Any necessary adjustments are made as required with your input. You will be able to see what your new teeth will look like before we finish. Appointment Duration: 3-60 minutes.


DAY 3: Smile with confidence

Your permanent fixed replacement teeth are inserted the very next day and are designed to restore function and achieve optimal aesthetics. They are constructed from quality high-impact acrylic. Depending on the strength of the bite, some patients may elect to upgrade to porcelain once the fixtures have integrated. Appointment Duration: 30-60 minutes.

What makes a Great Smile

To achieve a great looking smile there needs to be aesthetic harmony between the teeth, gums and lips. It’s not just about white and straight teeth. The pink aesthetics (gums & lips) often make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results.

Gum Aesthetics

Beautiful teeth need the support of healthy looking gums. In most patients who have lost or are about to lose all of their teeth, their gums lack good form and that is essential for a beautiful smile. In such patients, prosthetic gum replacement is the only way to predictably ensure a great result. That is, the gum part is being replaced as part of the bridge that fits over the fixtures. To facilitate this, we perform a reduction and reshaping of the underlying bone, or alveolectomy at the time of fixture placement.



Lip Aesthetics

Lip Support

The bony ridges of the jaws provide support to the lips. One of the most common attributes of an aged look is the loss in lip support due to the natural resorption of the bone that occurs following the extraction or loss of teeth. When dentures are made to replace them, they are made with plastic extensions or flanges. The primary function of the flanges is to help with the retention of the dentures, but they also add bulk to the lips. Whether there is inadequate support or too much bulk, as seen in the picture in the top left, the flanges of a denture may often lead to unnatural aesthetics or fake looking dentures.

Lip Form

The contours of the lips are somewhat dependent on the position and orientation of the teeth. In full set replacement on dental implants the reshaping of the underlying jawbone, which takes place simultaneously with fixture installation, facilitates optimal positioning of the replacement teeth and enables prosthetic reconstruction of the gums that mimics the shape of natural bony ridges leading to more natural lip aesthetics.


Alternatives To A Fixed Bridge On Implants

Implant supported over-dentures

An alternative to a fixed bridge is a removable implant supported overdenture or implant dentures. Typically the fixtures are fitted with either ball retained or bar retained attachments providing improved retention and stability. Implant dentures provide improved function and comfort compared with conventional dentures. They’re a more cost effective alternative to full fixed bridges. In certain cases where the budget is more limited, mini-implants can be considered to provide retention to a removable over-denture. Mini implants are generally not considered permanent, but can serve as provisional anchors until such time that permanent fixtures can be inserted.


Removable full denture

A conventional denture is loosely placed on top of the gum to cover missing teeth. This is an easy and low cost option although there are several disadvantages that can affect the quality of your long-term oral comfort and aesthetics.


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