Lower Front Porcelain Bridge on Two Implants




Doctor’s Comments

The patient was a smoker and had poor oral hygiene causing gum disease which affected the lower front incisor teeth.

We removed the lower 4 front teeth and inserted two dental implants o support a 4-unit bridge that was fitted after 3 months of healing.

As this patient was also having a full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain crowns to correct a collapsed bite, we were able to use the teeth on either side of the space to support a temporary bridge during the healing of the implants.

It was important to improve the oral hygiene along with any treatment for this patient, and in this case it was a matter of no one ever showing him how to do it properly.

After healing we fitted a 4-unit all-ceramic porcelain implant bridge to replace the missing lower front teeth.  The remaining natural teeth were treated with porcelain crowns.

Two implants are place in alternate sites, shown here on the laboratory model supporting a 4-unit bridge.

The 4-unit implant-bridge in the mouth.