Immediate Teeth on Dental Implants

Historically implants have been associated with a time consuming surgical procedure. It had been performed in two steps. The dentist began by installing the implants, which were left for three to six months to heal and integrate with the jawbone. During the healing period, the patient was given a temporary denture until the permanent teeth could be put in place in the next stage.

Today, modern implant design and state-of-the-art surgical techniques allows most patients to have functional and aesthetics fixed teeth fitted within a few days from the surgery, and used immediately based on a refined treatment protocol.

To get it right, a detailed work-up is done before the surgery to design your smile. After the implants are placed, teeth are set in wax in Madame Tussauds style, and tried in your mouth for aesthetic fine-tuning. You get to approve your teeth before we finish.

A small percentage of patients may need to improve the volume or quality of their bone with bone grafting prior to the placement of implants in a staged approach.