All-On-4-Plus for Gum Disease




Doctor’s Comments

At 40 years of age this lady had terminal gum disease and was about to loose whatever teeth she had left.  She dreaded the thought of having to go into full dentures.  She was already unable to bite and chew most foods, and didn’t go out because she lost her confidence.

She wanted a more permanent alternative to dentures and was referred to our clinic to explore All-On-4 dental implants.

One of the issues with advanced gum disease is that the disease process spreads to the bone and causes defects in the jawbone, often leaving inadequate bone for implants. In this case we had to do reconstructive surgery and bone grafting, but we were able to do so simultaneously with the implants in the one surgery.

We completed this young lady’s treatment in 2009, she is pictured below 5 years later at a photo shoot.